About YnM Weighted Blanket and Our Affiliate Program

As a bestseller on Amazon, YnM company specializes in selling premium quality weighted blankets, duvet covers, pillowcases & more home textiles. Our products are all certified to OEKO-TEX standard 100 and chemical free. We provide FREE SHIPPING for USA & Canada, and 30-DAY return & exchange money guarantee. YnM Weighted Blanket has built connected offices in the USA and Canada.

YnM is here to establish a long-term win-win business partnership with you. You don’t have to spend any money on the Affiliate Program, but to join thousands of others who are earning great commission by promoting YnM weighted blankets, hot deals, coupons and banners on their social network sites, unique websites, magazines… YnM Affiliates benefit a lot from our global network of high quality products, attractive promotions and the best customer service. Join us and promote YnM Weighted Blankets to your readers, followers, family and friends, you’ll make more money!

How it works?

  1. Share our products, deals, coupons or banners on your websites.
  2. Your readers/followers/family/friends visit and purchase.
  3. YnM pays commission to you.

What Can You Benefit From The Program?

> Up to 10% commission on all sales.

> Comparatively higher commission that you will earn because of the high-quality & hot products we’re selling.

> Special monthly bonus.

> 60-day tracking cookies

> Weekly/Monthly newsletter – keep you informed of all the latest data feeds, deals, coupons and banners.

>Real time reporting and sales tracking-help you review your performance and commissions clearly.

YnM Weighted Blanket Affiliate Program Platforms

How to Join YnM Affiliate Program and Start Promoting?

1. Create an account / log in on Shareasale as publishers.

2. Search for YnM Program with our Merchant ID 84684 and apply immediately.

3. When approved as one of our affiliates on the platform you chose, please find our deals, coupons and banners and start promoting them on your website(s).

4. After your visitors visit your link(s) and purchase on YnM Weighted Blanket, the platform will record the sale(s) and YnM Weighted Blanket will pay the commission (starting from 5% to 10%) to you.

Apply online or contact tiffany@ynmweightedblanket.com for further help!