Amazon Best Weighted Blanket Reviews

Best Weighted Blankets on Amazon

The popularity of weighted blankets continues to rise as more people learn how helpful they are for everything from anxiety and autism to simply getting a good night’s sleep. Although there are many on the market at different price points, the best weighted blanket for adults requires certain characteristics. In order to find the best weighted blanket Amazon has to offer, explore our detailed reviews below. Soon, you can find the best option for your needs and enjoy more comfort and peace than ever before.

Criteria for the Best Weighted Blanket

Although the choice of which weighted blanket to buy depends on the individual, it is important to get one that meets certain basic criteria. When choosing which products to include here, things like materials, comfort, and available weight and size options are all taken into account.

Weighted Blanket Reviews

The following reviews cover several brands of adult weighted blankets that can help with insomnia, anxiety, ADHD, autism, quality of sleep, and overall comfort when you relax at home.

YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket

The YnM brand of blankets has exceptionally high ratings from nearly 3000 customers on Amazon. This makes it one of the most popular to choose from. Besides the four and five star reviews, this brand of weighted blanket offers a wide selection of options for people of different ages and sizes. It comes in a range of sizes from throws at 41×60″, twin at 48×72″, all the way up to 80×84″ for king-sized beds.

Glass beads inside provide the weight, which is evenly distributed and secured in place with exceptionally strong stitching for the individual squares. YnM offers a variety of fabric choices and stylish duvet covers, too.

Zonli Weighted Blanket

Zonli Youth or Adult Blanket

This trusted brand offers an even bigger range in sizes and weights that are suitable for children and adults, so you can get exactly what you need for your body size and comfort level. ZonLi offers heavy-duty stitching, a wider range of cotton fabric colors including neutrals, pink, blue, and purple, and soft and comfortable microfiber lining to keep the glass beads in place.

Quility Weighted Blanket

Quility Premium Weighted Blanket

With a wide range of sizes and weights, the Quility Premium blanket option offers unique solutions for any individual who wants a heavy blanket. The 6000+ 5-star reviews make this one of the most popular on Amazon or any online shop. The popularity may come down to the fact that this adult weighted blanket comes complete with a removable cover in super-soft minky fabric.

Micro glass beads spread evenly across the blanket and are held in place with soft polyester padding. The surface of the weighted insert is natural cotton for additional comfort and temperature control. The plush out or cover creates a truly warm and comfortable experience. Quility also offers a 100% guarantee, which makes this brand quite attractive for those not sure about using a weighted blanket.

Degrees of Comfort Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Blanket With Covers

Despite the comfort that a weighted cover brings you, some people have trouble regulating proper temperature when using such a heavy blanket. The Degrees of Comfort brand hopes to alleviate this problem with multiple cover options that come standard with their product.

Although they have fewer sizes and weights available, the blanket comes with two duvet covers instead of just one. One is made from CoolMax microfiber that helps ventilate during warm seasons, and the other is thick and cozy fleece to keep you comfortably warm. Also, instead of glass or plastic beads, they use nano-ceramic beads that are smaller than the usual options. This gives a more fluid feel to the weighted blanket when it is draped over your body.

Platinum Health Blanket

Although this brand of weighted blankets has fewer reviews than other options listed above, it has some great characteristics that work well for a variety of people. This brand offers various sizes and weights suitable for younger children to larger adults. The weighted blanket insert uses traditional glass beads to create the soothing heaviness.

The included premium cover has two sides with different types of fabric so the person using the blanket can choose their favorite feel. The cover is ultra-soft minky polyester with either a velvety smooth surface or a nubbly one to interest people with sensory issues. This brand of weighted blanket for adults offers some brighter color choices than other options.

LUNA Weighted Blanket

LUNA Organic Weighted Blanket

When all you want is a high-quality blanket that is either 15 or 20 pounds and appropriate for adult use, the LUNA brand offers an affordable option with over 800 positive reviews on Amazon. The heavy feel comes from very small glass beads that are securely attached to the inner fabric so they do not move around and make the coverage uneven. One of the best characteristics of this option is that the fabric used is 100% organic cotton. The outer shell that comes in contact with your skin as a 400 thread count so it feels smooth and comfortable. The weighted blanket is not too thick so it is a great option for people in hot climates.

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Amy Garden Budget-Friendly Blanket

The best weighted blankets for adults, in a wide variety of price ranges. Of course, those that come with premium-quality covers cost more than basic options. For those with smaller budgets or who do not want to spend a lot to try out a weighted blanket for the first time may enjoy the Amy Garden brand products on Amazon.

You still get your choice of blanket sizes and weights suitable for adults with a quality cotton shell and soft polyester filling and non-toxic glass beads. The color options are limited to just gray or blue. However, this affordable weighted blanket still provides the therapeutic benefits for people who need a better night’s sleep, relief from anxiety, or all the other things that these cozy covers provide.

Ultimately, the decision about which weighted blanket Amazon offers is right for you depends on your personal tastes and the size and weight you need. The most popular brands represent a great place to start to find the best weighted blanket for adults available on the market today.