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YnM Weighted Blankets are available in Cotton & Bamboo. Cooling weighted blanket  is made from a breathable, moisture-wicking 300-thread-count bamboo viscose fabric that will keep you cool all night long, making it the perfect option for people who get hot while they sleep. Comparison between bamboo and cotton fabric has revealed that bamboo viscose offers significantly higher strength and elongation as compared to cotton yarn apart from anti-bacterial, anti-UV radiation properties. Apparel of bamboo fiber absorbs and evaporates sweat very easily, hence it gives comfortable feel even in hot summer conditions. Bamboo fiber is better than cotton fiber due to its short fiber index, mean length and uniformity index. Due to its anti-ultraviolet radiation property, it is suitable for making summer clothing for the protection of human skin against damages of UV radiation (UVR). Bamboo plants are commonly cultivated in Asian countries. Bamboo yarns are produced with high twist coefficient which helps to improve yarn tensile strength. Bamboo also offers coolness, soft handle and better moisture absorption properties whereas cotton yarns offer better hairiness as compared to bamboo yarns.