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YnM Weighted Blanket Warranty

Comparing to ordinary weighted blanket, there are two extra layer of durable & breathable cotton fabric between the bamboo face and the thin polyfill to maximize the durability of your precious weighted blanket and this way insure leaking beads risk free for years to come. 3 Years Warranty of free mending (not include shipping label) if unexpected damage happened to your blanket.

Will the blanket make me hot or cause me to sweat a lot?

No!!! That is a benefit I failed to mention. I tropically get cold so have always gone to bed with too many blankets. Somehow, this senses or something and it is all you need. I just use a sheet and the blanket-sleep with the window open and I am not a bit cold. Same for when it gets hot….I am perfectly comfirtable and don’t toss and turn from getting too warm. For me it is perfection and I don’t know how the hot/cold works, but it does!!

Did you find the 10% body weight recommdatuon to be adequate and comfortable? Could I go higher so it's 10% of my husbands?

The 10% body weight recommendation I believe is for the smaller ones that fit the body. You might have noticed that most of the companies only sell them about 45-52 inches wide. If you’re getting the 60×80, you’ll lose a lot of the weight since it’s sitting on your bed and not your body. So yes, go heavier if you’re getting the large. I went heavier and still don’t think I’m getting the full effect.

What would be considered a twin size? I am looking for a blanket for my 10 year old.

I bought this for my 10-year-old, too. It does not cover like a standard twin size blanket (does not hang down sides or bottom of mattress) — but adequately covers the top of the mattress and covers her body enough to do the trick. Very happy with the purchase so far. (I also bought the cover so we can remove and wash.)

Is it hot

Not really. I do not use any other covers during the summer. It is just enough that I use it all year round. The slipcover I have for it does make it hotter, so I only use that in the winter.

what is different about the 2018 version?

The 2018 version is developed by YnM weighted blanket in 2018, updated with strenthened stitching and premium thick, sturdy cotton farbic, filled with evenly distributed glass beads.

where is this blanket made?

The large original ynm weighted blanket in China 

Does the bamboo version really make a difference in retaining heat?

For me, I found this blanket to be too warm didnt get “cooling effect”—-I have bamboo sheets on my bed too—-dont really find them to be any cooler then cotton /percale sheets 

Is the 60 x 80 big enough for 2 people on a queen size bed?

No. It works out to be like a single bed and one half. But also I think 2 people would work against the concept. The person who wants relaxation affect needs the blanket to drape on all sides for the weighted effect to work

If you select the inner part that is weighted, does the cover that zips around it included?

No, it doesn’t. If you want buy the cover, you can choose the cover with the same size in this listing. They are sold separately.

Does this come with the inner and outer layers?

No it does not. The inner weighted layer and the cover are sold seperatly in this listing with different Color option. Plus, YnM Weighted Blanket has another listing which sell the weighted blanket set including inner layer and outer cover, the link is