Top 5 Amazing Benefits You’ll Enjoy Under a Heavy Blanket

People are talking about the heavy blanket. Also called the weighted blanket, it is designed to add a sensation of weight in a comfortable way that is proven to calm your mind and body in a world of stress. While there are many weighted blankets out there, YnM offers a heavy blanket with a distinctive 7-layer design that has more glass beads and less fiber fill for even better comfort.

Wondering why you should consider using a heavy blanket? There are many amazing health benefits you’ll enjoy when you tuck yourself in under the cozy confines of the heavy blanket. Here are our top 5!

1. It’s a natural solution for better sleep health
Sleep troubles affect millions of adults and children around the world. With stress and noise pollution, sleep is often disturbed which leads to serious health problems, both mental and physical. By using a heavy blanket, it creates the soothing sensation of being held without feeling smothered by relaxing the nervous system to lull you into a deep, healthy, and utterly restful sleep.

2. It quells anxiety and stress
Anxiety and stress often go hand-in-hand. A heavy blanket might not smother you but it will surely squelch away anxiety and stress. It does so by giving the feeling a warm hug. This touch-pressure stimulation therapy works deep down to bring you more calm in your surrounding chaos.

3. It brings better focus
Whether lack of focus is brought on by stress, anxiety, depression, or even ADHD, deep touch pressure stimulation as provided in the heavy blanket also works in the same way to help keep you focused. By calming the mind and body, it allows your cells to rest and relax, which in turn, brings clarity back into your life.

4. It is ideal for restless leg syndrome
If you can’t get your legs to stay still and toss and turn all night, a heavy blanket can be a game-changer for your sleep. Often, those with restless leg syndrome complain they can’t get a wink of sleep in, but with the gentle pressure from weighted blankets, it provides just what your body needs to fall asleep and stay that way.

5. It relieves pain from fibromyalgia
Fibromyalgia can be very painful, affecting the entire body with chronic pains. There’s no cure, but learning to manage it can lead to a healthier and more full life. When flare-ups occur, heavy blankets have been shown to bring relief through the gentle pressure it provides to weigh down restless legs.

Plus, there is much more that a heavy blanket can do for the health of kids, adults, and elderly people alike. It calms, boosts mood, helps with PTSD, manages OCD, helps with panic disorder, and has been a fantastic tool for helping those with autism. Just about anyone can benefit from the touch therapy treatment that a heavy blanket provides so get one for you and those you love today!